Heatless But Hot: Spring Style Options

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As the dampness of spring precipitates and the temperatures slowly begin to climb, now is the time that naturalistas start exercising their style options. No more hoods, scarves and hats prohibiting our hair from being as great as it really could and should be! You can have have the strands of your dream while steering clear of the damaging harshness that can unleash havoc on your coils. The best way to achieve that? (say it with us) Heatless.

Heatless Perm (or Flexi) Rod Set

Photo Credit: @EClark6

Heatless rod sets are beautifully bouncy and fun! It’s best to start with dry, stretched hair. Section hair for rodding, add a small amount of PINK® Design Control Gel from root to tip while detangling the hair with your fingers in the process. Roll hair around the rod securely, and repeat. Once all sections have been rodded, wrap your hair in a satin scarf and let air dry. Once completely dry, remove rods and style as desired.

Bantu Knot Out

Photo Credit: @Misskenk

The Bantu knot-out creates unlimited curls and coils! For this style, you can either start with dry, stretched or freshly washed hair. Create small sections, apply Pink® Original Oil Moisturizer Lotion and our Pink® Holding Spray to your hair and roll each section into a Bantu knot. Once all sections are complete, hands off and allow your hair to air dry. Once completely dry, apply a small amount of Pink® Natural Oils to the hair to prevent flaking and enhance its natural sheen before you begin untwisting the knots. This method leaves you with soft, well-defined ringlets which last for days at a time.

Heatless Blow-Out

Photo Credit: Shauna

Have you experienced the magic that is the heatless blow-out? It’s a must try! Achieve this style by starting with dry, stretched hair or a curly-do that is a bit old; apply a small amount of Pink® Natural Oils, gently brush in the oil on regularly stretched hair or brush the hair in the opposite direction of the curls for hair that is in its natural state. Wrap hair in circle, secure with bobby pins and tie it down with a satin scarf. The next day, spray with Pink® Sheen Spray, brush hair down and style as desired.

Overall, there are a number of heatless styles you can achieve on your natural hair. Just be sure to keep your ends clipped, wrap at night with a satin scarf and/or bonnet, and condition it regularly to avoid overly dry/ damaged hair. By using these tips, as well as the others mentioned within this blog, you will keep your hair super healthy, trendy and beautiful without causing unnecessary heat damage in order to do so.

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