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Luster’s Pink will offer hair care and styling solutions for all hair types and textures. We will empower you with tips and techniques to achieve your desired styles for natural, chemically treated and transitioning hair. We will also share how-tos, plus beauty, fashion and culture.


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"10 Tips For Selecting Your Hair Color" Pt. 1

"10 Tips For Selecting Your Hair Color" Pt. 1

Hair color can be a terrific way to bump up your style. There are so many colors and techniques available that you can switch up your look every month if you want to. Then, you can play around with various styles to enhance your color-treated hair, from braids and ponytails to different types of up-dos.

1. Begin by deciding what color(s) you want your hair to be.

Because of the huge variety of options for color-treated hair, you’ll need to decide if you want your hair to be soft and natural-looking, or vibrant and bold. The coloring possibilities run the gamut, from single all-over color to multi-hued styles. What you do will depend upon your personal style.

2. Consult your stylist when deciding how to change your style with color-treated hair.

Professional stylists are trained on how to determine the best color and style for you. Never neglect this important step in deciding how to color your hair, and which products to use.

3. Opt for temporary hair color for a zero-commitment.

Temporary hair color lasts for one to two shampoos. This is a good choice if you want vibrant splashes of color to add funky, temporary style, or if want to try out a color without committing to it long-term.

4. Gloss or blend with semi-permanent color.

These peroxide- and ammonia-free formulas can last for up to 12 shampoos. When opting for semi-permanent hair color, ask your salon professional for a no-ammonia conditioning semi-permanent formula that will help re-balance porosity. This is a good option if your hair needs color balancing or toning, grey blending or coverage, color correction or glossing.

5. Consider demi-permanent color for shine, color refreshing or lowlights. Demi-permanent color, which contain low levels of peroxide, can last up to 20 shampoos. If your color-treated hair has any damage at all, request a non-alkaline, ammonia-free demi-permanent formula that contains fruit acids and fruit oils to smooth and condition the cuticle.

Do you like the tips we've shared so far? What is your process for selecting new hair colors? Share your thoughts here.

**Be sure to check back for Part 2!

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