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Luster’s Pink will offer hair care and styling solutions for all hair types and textures. We will empower you with tips and techniques to achieve your desired styles for natural, chemically treated and transitioning hair. We will also share how-tos, plus beauty, fashion and culture.


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Consider This Before You Protective Style!

Consider This Before You Protective Style!

As we enter the fall/winter season, many naturals decide to use protective styles to withstand the cold, harsh air. While the versatility, ease and convenience of protective styles make them a must have between September and March (or May depending on what part of the country you live in), there are a few hidden dangers associated with the ways we commonly protect our hair for long periods of time.

Protective Styles Can Jeopardize Your Edges

To get a protective style that will last long, often some will opt for tight braids or cornrows that can be harmful to the hairline. Alternatively, many will overly stress the hair left out for a sew in, impacting the delicate edges.  Choose larger cornrows and bigger braids around your edges, and try doing crochet weave around the perimeter of your hair rather than having leave out.

Protective Styles Can Weigh Down Your Hair

Styles like jumbo box braids or marley twist can take up to 8 packs of kanekalon hair. Loc extensions are another style that can become heavy because of the amount of hair involved. Pay special attention if your hair is fine; if you notice a protective style is weighing your neck or some of your hair strands down, consider pinning your hair into an updo to cheat gravity.

Protective Styles Can Mess Up Your Routine

The most dangerous thing about protective styles is that they make us lazy with our hair. Granted, many times we turn to braids, twists, weaves, and other long term protective styles because we’re either frustrated with our hair, too busy, or just giving it a break. However, the benefits of protective styling are completely negated if you don’t continue to moisturize and care for your own hair underneath. Diluting shampoo and putting in an applicator bottle for your roots, and a nice leave in conditioner spray like our Shea Butter Coconut Oil Silkening Leave-in Conditioner can reach those nooks and crannies below your wigs and weaves.

What are some challenges you’ve encountered while protective styling? Share in the comments below.

*Check back next week for some protective style suggestions

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