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Luster’s Pink will offer hair care and styling solutions for all hair types and textures. We will empower you with tips and techniques to achieve your desired styles for natural, chemically treated and transitioning hair. We will also share how-tos, plus beauty, fashion and culture.


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Heatless Styles To Keep Your Winter Style Hot

Heatless Styles To Keep Your Winter Style Hot

While the holidays can be a festive and fun time offering naturals chic style options, this time can also bring much anxiety to those who find styling their hair a challenge. During the winter months, most naturals steer clear of the harsh elements and look for ways to incorporate winter healthy hair habits. One winter healthy hair habit that offers cute styles and heat free options is heatless styling. In this article, we are providing 5 heat free style options to keep your winter style sizzling hot.

Heatless Perm Rod Set

Heatless Perm Rod Set

Photo Credit: @EClark6

A super cute and versatile style, perm rod sets can be achieved in several different ways. For achieving a heatless style using this method, it is best to start with dry, stretched hair. One possible way to stretch your hair without heat is to use an old twist or braid-out. Then, utilizing perm rods in the size of your choosing, you will section your hair into a size that is appropriate for the perm rod you’ve chosen. After that, you just add our Pink Design Control Gel and apply it from root to tip while detangling the hair with your fingers in the process. You then use your wrist to roll the hair around the rod until you have rolled the entire section and repeat. After that, all you need to do is wrap your hair up with a satin scarf and let your hair air dry. After allowing your hair to dry completely, you then take out the perm rods and style your hair as desired.

Bantu Knot Out

Bantu Knot Out

Photo Credit: @Misskenk

Another very cute heatless style is a Bantu knot-out. For this style, you can either start with dry, stretched hair or you can create this style using freshly washed tresses. Begin by simply sectioning the Detangling and sectioning the hair into small sections. You then can use our Pink Oil Moisturizer Hair Lotion and/or our Pink HoldingSpray on your hair and roll each section into a Bantu knot. Once you have rolled your entire head, you simply let the knots dry. The next day you will apply a small amount of oil to the hair to prevent flaking and enhance its natural sheen, then finish the style by untwisting the knots. This method leaves you with soft, well-defined ringlets which last for days at a time.

Heatless Blow-Out

Photo Credit: Shauna Photo Credit: Shauna

An awesome heat free method of styling your natural hair is a heatless blow-out. Achieve this style by starting with dry, stretched hair or a curly-do that is a bit old; using a good hair serum, you section the hair and either gently brush in the serum on regularly stretched hair or brush the hair in the opposite direction of the curls for hair that is curled. You then wrap the hair, secure it with bobby pins, and tie it down with a satin scarf. The next day, your hair will be straight enough to wear in a wrap, chic ponytail, or any other straight hairstyle your heart desires.

Heatless Flexi Rod Set


Beginning with freshly washed and detangled hair, you simply part the hair into 4 sections and begin to part your hair into smaller sections to install the flexi rods. After saturating the hair with your favorite Luster moisturizing products, you then roll your hair around the flexi rods and bend down the ends of the rod to hold them in place. (Tip: for more defined curls, twist the hair before wrapping it around the flexi rod!) Once the curls are dry, remove the flexi rods and style your hair as desired.

Heatless Braid Out

Photo Credit: @christineamor_'s

Another great heatless styling method for those with natural hair, is the braid out. This simple and chic style is multifaceted and long-lasting. Achieved by either braiding your hair into single plaits or cornrows and taking them out, this styling method will leave you with luscious waves that will last you days and days.

Are you a lazy natural? Do you enjoy styling your natural tresses for the holidays? Share below!


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