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Luster’s Pink will offer hair care and styling solutions for all hair types and textures. We will empower you with tips and techniques to achieve your desired styles for natural, chemically treated and transitioning hair. We will also share how-tos, plus beauty, fashion and culture.


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Try These Tips for Optimal Hair Growth

Try These Tips for Optimal Hair Growth

Many believe, it is impossible to grow thick, healthy and long natural hair, although for some this may be challenging it is not necessarily true. A fallacy centered on issues such as hair shrinkage/ breakage and the fact that naturally kinky hair tends to appear shorter than its straighter counterparts, many are under the misguided assumption that natural hair and short hair are mutually exclusive.

This couldn’t be further from the truth. In fact, with the proper hygiene, maintenance, and grooming efforts, your natural hair can grow much longer than you could have ever imagined. We have provided some possible tips to having the length you have always wanted.


It Begins With Ends

The first method we suggest to help your natural hair grow thick and long is to take better care of your ends. This may seem like a minor step, but it is also one of the most overlooked. By regularly getting your ends clipped, as well as getting into the habit of applying your conditioners, oils, and other products from the root to the very ends of your hair, you can help your hair to be healthier overall and thus, promote more rapid hair growth.


Henna Treatments

A great method to add sheen, volume, moisture, and nutrients, Henna is a safe way to dye hair, cover up grays, and even treat dandruff as well as other scalp infections. By adding a protective layer that helps to lock in nutrients and moisture, Henna treatments are a great way to promote hair growth as it drastically strengthens hair follicles. This makes the hair more resistant to heat as well as damage that occurs from combing, brushing, and other regular maintenance of the hair.


Deep Conditioning/Hot Oil Treatment

Another method of orchestrating more hair growth, is by using a deep conditioner and a hot oil treatment. This a great way to seal in nutrients while adding moisture and sheen to the hair.


Protective Styles

Another great way to promote the growth of your hair is by wearing protective styles. By consistently styling your hair in two strand twists, Havana twists styles, Senegalese twists or even crochet Havana twists, you are effectively allowing your hair and scalp time to rest and restore itself. When implemented in between more complex styles, hair growth is often exponential as the hair is being stretched as well as allowed to rest, regularly. What’s more, by keeping Havana hair, Marley twist hair, and even some wigs in stock, you will always have the option to give your hair a rest by installing these extensions. In addition, many protective styles are able to be washed in order to freshen the scalp without removing the style. Click here for protective style tips.


(Co)-Wash it!

Yet another unfounded myth about our hair is that it only grows when it’s left unwashed. This couldn’t be farther from the truth. In fact, most of the natural haired women with long hair report that they wash their hair at least 1-3 times per week. Washing hair is imperative to removing toxins and keeping the scalp clean and healthy, which is ultimately one of the best ways to promote hair growth. It’s is also important to note that washing does not always need to include shampoo. You can wash with clear, warm water or you can co-wash, which means to wash your hair using conditioner rather than shampoo. This is done because many shampoos are harsh and do not offer much to hair that may be lacking moisture. By skipping the shampoo and simply co-washing your hair, you will get the conditioning benefits without having to remove all the natural oils from your hair.

Is your hair able to achieve maximum growth? What things work for you? Leave a comment below.

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